Shift Up 2010 Session Information

Attendees selected one of three strands for their breakout sessions and will work within their breakout group for both sessions A and B. The strands were:

Learning About Peer Coaching: This session is for anyone interested in learning just what Technology Peer Coaching and the Peer-Ed training program is about. The session will focus on:
    • Acquainting participants with components of the program
    • Offering resources that help schools and districts determine readiness for coaching
    • Giving you hands-on experience with coaching skills learned in the program
    • Allowing you to participate in a simulation of a Lesson Improvement process

Implementing Peer Coaching: This session is for facilitators, peer coaches, or supporting leaders who are currently in the first year of implementing peer coaching. This session will focus on:

    • Identifying implementation successes and challenges
    • Deepening coaching skills through effective reflection and collaboration
    • Defining and measuring coaching success
    • Learning from international coaching projects
    • Formulating an action plan to deepen coaching efforts
    • Connecting with & building an Arizona coaching community
Strengthening Peer Coaching: This session is for facilitators, peer coaches, or leaders who support them that have been involved with peer coaching for some length of time and are wanting to know more about strengthening a peer coaching program beyond the initial year. This session will focus on:
    • Deepening communication skills in order to promote higher level thinking in a safe manner
    • Promoting rigorous student products as a result of technology integration
    • Contrasting coaching light and coaching heavy
    • Assessing the impact of a coaching program through data triangulation
    • Creating an Arizona community of peer coaches via a Wikispace site
    • Developing an action plan to strengthen each individual coaching program