Staying Connected

We hope you will stay connected as a group of peer coaching advocates beyond ShiftUp 2010.

  • Visit this wiki often for news of upcoming events and new contributions.
  • Join this wiki so you can contribute new ideas.
  • Use the resources of this wiki with others.
  • Start or contribute to a discussion (use the discussion tab).

  • If you tweet, add #peercoach to your tweets.
  • Follow peer_coaching and YETCTrainers.

Partners In Learning Network:
  • Join the Partners In Learning Network at . Here you will find more resources about Peer Coaching.
  • Join the Peer Coaching Video Community to contribute examples of coaching.
  • Create a community of your own to connect local coaches together.

  • Go to for coaching info. Here you will find information about a variety of Peer EdVentures.
  • View the upcoming Peer Coaching Facilitator Training schedule and location.
  • Join in the Monthly Monday Eluminations: An informal opportunity to connect for one hour on the last Monday of the Month via Eluminate. A guest speaker will begin each session and participants will have the chance to connect, reflect and inquire. (Starts in January 2011)
  • Peer Coaching Reflections Blog: Each article is followed by a wondering. This month, we are curious about: How has coaching contributed to a culture of collaboration for you? How do you impact lesson design to move towards innovative, collaborative experiences for students?
  • Enter the Peer Coaching Video Contest- Win video equipment by contributing short video artifacts of coaching. Details at