Strengthening Peer CoachingSession Agenda and Resources
Session Presentation

  1. Connecting with Arizona, US and Global Peer Coaches
Naomi Harm from Minnesosta was one of our skype callers. She sent along this message and some ideas to share. Here are a few files to share with your educators today to set the stage for extended learning beyond your conference.
  1. Deepening Coaching with Collaboration Zones
  2. Lunch
  3. Refocus Activity
  4. Coaching Heavy vs. Coaching Light

  5. Student Artifacts with Rigor

    Example of a Student Digital Product with High Rigor (adult student)
    Example of Student Digital Product with Low Rigor (repackaging of facts in a digital format)
  6. Assessing Coaching Program Impacts

    Triangulation of Data

    Strengthening Coaching Team Impact Chart.pdf
    Resources for Sharing Evidence
  7. Arizona Coaching Community
  8. 4 A's Protocol